Meeting Room Policy

  1. The library and its organizations and programs have first priority for the use of the meeting room. All community groups and organizations may reserve the meeting room space on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. The meeting room is reserved for the use of the community and non-profit organizations only.
  3. Meeting rooms are not available to non-library groups or individuals for the promotion or sales of services or products, fundraising, conducting classes for profit, or private social functions. Meetings shall be open to the public. No admission or attendance charge or required donation may be assessed by any non-library group using a meeting room.
  4. The library may permit presenters at library-sponsored programs to sell merchandise related to the subject or activity of their programs. The library will grant this permission either to reduce the cost of the program to the library. Likewise, a library-sponsored program may have a registration charge to defray or reduce the cost of the program to the library.
  5. The library makes no endorsement, express or implied, of any non-library event or activity held in the meeting room. Publicity of such events must include a disclaimer to this effect.
  6. The board and the library staff do not assume any liability for groups or individuals attending any meeting or program in the library.
  7. Attendance at a meeting may be no more than the maximum people certified by the occupancy limit for the room.
  8. Smoking, alcohol, food, and beverages are not permitted in the facility with the exception of library-sponsored events or by prior approval of the library Board.
  9. No signs, posters, displays, or decorations may be put up and attached to the walls.
  10. Groups are responsible for their own set-up of chairs, etc., and must clean up the room, returning it to the condition in which they found it.
  11. Telephone usage will be limited. Absolutely no long distance phone calls can be made from this phone. No collect calls can be accepted. The phone is mainly for emergencies and not for personal phone calls unrelated to the use of the meeting room.
  12. Leave fan on automatic. When leaving set thermostat at 68 degrees (heat) and 74 degrees (cool). Do not turn off.
  13. Check the restrooms. Make sure the toilets and urinals are flushed. Turn off the lights in the restrooms.
  14. Chairs are to be left in the meeting room stacked along the wall. Be sure not to scrape wall when restacking chairs.
  15. Groups will be held responsible for damages to the library facility and library property including furniture, carpeting or borrowed equipment.
  16. If the group does not need the facility on the day reserved, please call and cancel so the room can be available to another group if needed.
  17. Turn off all the lights when you are leaving.
  18. If you encounter any problems with the room or equipment, please let the staff know.